James Adair is a visual artist whose practice is varied and diverse. His work has dealt with an assortment of themes ranging from Social and Ecological Issues, History and also his experiences of growing up in the socio-political situation of Northern Ireland.


His main method of working is predominately via site specific wall paintings and installations. Being led by the space and the atmospheres it evokes, he often paints directly onto walls, overlapping tightly knit layers of rich vibrant colours and shapes. These organic natural forms permeate space and are not easily contained; evocative of nature they can grow in unexpected and overlooked spaces. In this way he subverts previously considered subject matter and brings a new light to obscure and unknown characters and situations.


The finished work is often short-lived, existing only for the duration of the show. This mortality of the work heightens the senses of the audience with the knowledge that the work may never be seen again.