To coincide with the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympic's I am delighted to be exhibiting several of my works at the JIQ JAQ Gallery summer show in Hampstead London. Below is some info from the Galleries website.

The Queen looks both young and old in James Adair’s playful works. He chuckles and says it was certainly good timing that he happened upon the subject of the Queen a year ago, as the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics now roll around this summer and patriotism for both Queen and country are at an all time high. However, making works of the monarch was not the original intention of Adair. From Belfast, Northern Ireland, Adair began by creating works dealing with the troubles in Northern Ireland. His work, intended to address a small part of the United Kingdom, now touches the hearts of all of it. 

Adair thanks his luck that he stumbled upon a vintage 1950s child’s scrapbook from the Coronation, carefully taken care of over the years and evidently created by a child compiling pictures of the Queen from newspapers.

The Summer Show is open from now until August 2012.  Visit the gallery to find out more about Adair, other artists in the exhibition and to see the works up close.